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An LMCT is a registered number given to dealers to buy and sell cars in their state.

Selling your car directly to a dealer can be time consuming and to get the price you may need to drive around to various dealers to get the best deal.

Sell2Dealers platform allows you to take 5 minutes to list your car then you can sit back and wait for the offers to come in. You will choose the best offer. The whole process is transparent and gives you final control of the end result.

We have buyers signing up all the time nationwide.

The dealer will collect your car. This can be finalised once you and the dealer have finalised payment and collection date.

Once you have accepted the offer you will get the dealers details, simply call the dealer and you can arrange for payment and collection of the car with the dealer.

Once your car has gone live you will start getting offers from dealers. Once you have received the offer you want all you need to do it log into your dashboard and click the "Accept Offer" tab.

Your listing goes on our marketplace when you follow the 5 easy steps to list your car.

Our sellers are people trying to sell their vehicle because they no longer need it.

There is no charge to register your dealership with Sell2Dealers.